Nach der Hammer Single „Waiting For The Storm“ von „Decoded Feedback“ wird am 22.4.2016 der Longplayer „Dark Passenger“ endlich für Euch erhältlich sein.
„Dark Passenger“ ist auch gleich der Opener des Albums, gefolgt von „Waiting For The Storm“, der Vorab-Auskopplung, somit ist die gute Laune schon vorprogrammiert 🙂
decoded feedback dark passenger cd cover

„Behind My Smile“ und „Now And Forever“ knüpfen nahtlos an, richtig guter Dark-Electro Pop!
„Warm Leatherette“ ist sehr minimalistisch mit Floorfiller-Potenzial, den Text kann wirklich jeder mitsingen…Warm Leatherette… .
„Nowhere“ und „Duality“ sind richtig schöne Synthpop Songs 🙂

Fazit: Dieses Album verbreitet gute Laune, von der wir nicht genug haben können!!! HABENMUSS!!!

Press Release:

Decoded Feedback, the ever-evolving duo comprised of Yone Dudas and Marco Biagiotti, are on the verge of releasing their 9th full length album Dark Passenger and single/EP Waiting for the Storm, just before the embark on their first ever South American tour. Formed in the mid-nineties, the band’s dark electro-industrial style immediately caught the attention of labels on both sides of the Atlantic and garnered success on a number

of radio charts including the German Alternative Charts (DAC).They have also had tremendous success on the stage and have played many major festivals both in Europe and North America. With a deep catalogue, a live show refined from years of performance and enthusiasm, Decoded Feedback are poised to make 2016 their best year to-date!
Inspired by the darkest secrets buried inside us all, electro-industrial duo Decoded Feedback have emerged from their most creative period to date with with a massive new album release „Dark Passenger“. Decoded Feedback’s trademark blend of pulsating beats, ambient melodies, synth strings and intense vocals are still present, but the duo have augmented their productions to include elements from styles as diverse as Futurepop, Darkwave and EBM. On Dark Passenger Decoded Feedback takes us on a shadowy, euphoric journey that explores the overwhelming power of our hidden selves and echoes the often brutal nature of the human condition.


01 – Dark Passenger
02 – Waiting for the Storm
03 – Behind My Smile
04 – Now and Forever
05 – A Lonely Place
06 – Warm Leatherette
07 – Dead Inside
08 – Nowhere
09 – Duality
10 – How to Destroy a Planet
11 – We Fade To Grey
12 – Kill the Hate
13 – Electric Tsunami

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