Am 21.7.2017 erschien „The Spell Of The Spider“ von „HOCICO“,  nicht einfach ein „Best Of“ Album, nein – ein 3er CD Set, randvoll mit Hits, Hits, Hits (y) Hocico - The Spell Of The Spider_xs
Die Mexikaner sind bekannt für ihren brachialen, stampfenden Sound, der automatisch das Tanzbein zucken lässt!
Hier sind sie alle in einem „Bündel“, „Bite me“, „Poltergeist“, „Ecos“, „Bienvenido a La Maldad“… .
Es fehlt nichts, was das HOCICO Fanherz höher schlagen lässt, genau der richtige „Stoff“ für das berühmte Sommerloch!!!
Erk Aicrag und Racso Agroyam (HOCICO) haben den Nerv der „Dark-Electro Fans mit ihrem Sound getroffen und eine Dark-Disco ohne „HOCICO“ ist undenkbar!

Die ultimative Hocico-Best-Of erscheint auch als limitertes, rotes Doppel-Vinyl + CD im edlen Klappcover, als Deluxe-Doppel-CD im Digipak, mit der Bonus Disc „The Dark Side Of The Spider“, welche rare und vergriffene Songs, sowie Compilation-Beiträge enthält, sowie als limitiertes 3CD-Fan-Set in einer edlen Digipak-Longbox, welche zusätzlich die exklusive EP „Spider Bites“, mit neuen und unveröffentlichten Stücken, beinhaltet.


Press Release:

20 years of love & hate – still going strong after 2 hot-blooded decades on Out Of Line Music, the Mexican hard-electro-pioneers Hocico are now finally getting a long overdue special “best of” release!

There are few groups that can claim to have played a major role in shaping an entire
genre, but Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam, better known as Hocico, did just that.
The duo not only put Mexico on the map for an entire scene (…previously only associated with tequila and sombreros), but also managed to become a game changer for the dark side of electronic music with a new blend of hard beats, unbridled anger, aggressive shouts and creative sonic wizardry. Appearing virtually out of nowhere, this unique and fresh sound hit us like a fist straight into our collective gut, inspiring a plethora of other musicians in the whole world and quickly conquering scene-related clubs and discos around the globe. “The Spell Of The Spider” brings together highlights, hits, favorites and rarities from more than 2 decades, compiled and carefully remastered by the band. The iconic front cover artwork was created by renowned US-photo-artist Thomas G. Anderson (who also did covers for Asking Alexandria and more.) When into the hard side of electro, Hocico is one of the bands that you can’t afford to miss. “The Spell Of The Spider” is a celebration of this seminal group and an ideal starting point for newcomers, a fulfilling sonic journey for fans and collectors and a must-own for any electrohead. The ultimate Hocico-best-of-release is also released as a limited red double vinyl + CD in a lavish gatefold sleeve and as a deluxe double CD in a Digipak with the bonus disc “The Dark Side of The Spider”, containing rare and deleted songs and compilation tracks. For diehards, there is also a limited 3-CD-fan-set in a classy Digipak-longbox which also contains the exclusive EP “Spider Bites”, featuring a collection of new and unreleased songs.


CD1 (79 mins)
1. Scars
2. Bloodshed
3. Forgotten Tears
4. Poltergeist
5. Tiempos De Furia
6. Ecos
7. Odio Bajo El Alma
8. Untold Blasphemies
9. Bite me!
10. Espinas Del Mal
11. About a Dead
12. Dead Trust
13. Fed Up
14. Bienvenido a La Maldad


Dark Side of The Spider

CD2  (79 mins)
1. Born to be (Hated) (Metetelo por el Culo)
2. La Gloria del Odio
3. The Shape of Things To Come
4. Keep Barking Dogs
5. Possessed
6. Ruptura
7. Sexo Bajo Testosterona
8. Without a God
9. A Broken Glass
10. Tales From The Third World
11. Spit as an Offense
12. Vile Whispers
13. Thy Kingdom Come
14. Distorted Face (Dulce Liquido Mix)
15. What is Your Name?

Spider Bites (EP)

1. No One Gets Out Alive!
2. Conjuro
3. I Abomination
4. The Secret Window
5. All Beauty is Lost
6. Derramando Lagrimas Negras